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The prized shofars (shofarot in Hebrew) of the Bar-Sheshet and Ribak families have a long and proud pedigree, reflecting the epic history of the Jewish people traveling throughout the diaspora and finally returning home to Israel.

The Bar-Sheshet family tradition of shofar making began in 14th century Spain, and has endured over the years from Morocco and the famous voyage of the Exodus to modern-day Haifa. Meanwhile, the Ribak family’s craft began in their native Poland, and continued as they became the very first shofar makers to set up shop in the “first Hebrew city” of Tel Aviv.

Today, Eli Ribak, the son of Avraham Ribak, and Zvi Bar-Sheshet, the son of Meir Bar-Sheshet, are managing the company in collaboration. These two long family traditions of devotion to a unique craft can be clearly seen in the beauty of their shofars, which are sought-after by religious communities and collectors worldwide.

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Kosher Certificate (English)
(תעודת כשרות תשע”ה (עברית

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