Best shofars


Buying a Shofar is much more than a consumer decision – it is an investment in the past and the future of the Jewish People. That is why you want to make sure you only purchase the best Shofars, with the finest craftsmanship and greatest historical significance.

When you set out to buy a Shofar There is a wide variety of Shofars you can choose from, ranging from kudu horn silver plated Yemenite Shofars through the better known flattened Moroccan ram Shofars to the more modern Jacob sheep horn Shofar and you will certainly find adherent prepared to sing the praises of their preferred Shofar as the best Shofar in terms of tonality, appearance and craftsmanship.
Still, it is hard to trump the adherents of the Yemenite silver plated Shofar as the best Shofar.

The Yemenite Shofar animal horn, unlike the biblical goat and ram, derives from the Kudu, the graceful African Antelope which roams the Savana across the gulf of Aden from Yemen.

Yemenite Jews, unbeknownst to their northern kin, have plied these waters for millennia, possibly combining with the natives of this great continent to form the Lemba people of Southern Africa and the Beta Israel of Ethiopia. The Kudu, the Yemenite Shofar animal. Produces straight, magnificent horns, enabling the Shofar shaped from it to reach a length of up to 56 inches!

The strident call of this Shofar cannot be described, it can only be heard and experienced. Suffice it to say that if you muster up the strength to hold the Yemenite silver plated Shofar to your lips and blow, you too will be tempted to proclaim it to be the Best Shofar of them all.