Shofar for sale


When one thinks of the Shofar the classical image is of a Jewish Rabbi leading his congregation in prayer at Yom Kippur to the mournful tone of the ram horn blown by an aged cantor. However, perusal of the records of Shofar for sale reveals that other, less common markets have emerged for the Shofar.

One can, for example, find far that the numbers of Shofar for sale in South Africa is rising even as its Jewish community shrinks. Moreover, there is also a growing demand for Shofar for sale in the Philippines, where there has never been a sizable Jewish community. What is going on? Why are there so many Shofar for sale in South Africa and the Philippines where there is a shrinking or nonexistent Jewish presence?

South Africa contains, of course, the Yemenite Jewish descended Lemba people who are increasingly discovering their roots. And a growing number of Philippines are also claiming roots in the Anusim Jews of Spain. However, this is a small scale phenomena. The primary answer is that there is a growing recognition of, and fascination with, the Jewish roots of Christianity throughout the world, generating a demand for Jewish ritual objects.

Aside from these nontraditional markets, Shofar is also the delight of the young, necessitating the creation of Shofars for kids. Shofars for kids are, of course, of smaller size than other types of Shofars- one hardly expects a 12 year old to blow a 56 inch extra Jumbo Yemenite Shofar!