Shofar online


In antiquity, Shofar making involved laborious collection of horns and handcrafting. The vast distances separating the Jewish communities of the time gave rise to a wide variety of Shofar designs and materials, a variety which the modern Jew and lover of Judaica can now enjoy by buying Shofar online. Not many places in the world make Shofars however.

In fact Israel is the site of one of only three factories engaged in Shofar making. Jews all over the world purchase their Shofar online, and not only Jews. Shofars in Singapore have grown in number, in spite of Singapore only having only a small Jewish community.

The reason for the great interest in Shofars in Singapore is linked to a revival of Christian interest in the Jewish roots of the Christian religion. A growing number of Christian ministries and churches in Singapore incorporate Shofars into the commencement of their Sunday services. It is also placed in some Christian churches and households as a decorative element and a symbol of respect for the Jewish roots of the Christian Faith.

Shofar online buying options mean that regardless of where you are, be it South Afria, the Philipines or Singapore, A Shofar of your choice is only a click away.