Only Shofarot Israel offers the skills and expertise of fifteen generations, dating back to 14th century Spain, and now adapted to the modern technology and requirements of present-day Israel and the international market.

Shofarot Israel combines the talents of two shofar-making families into truly extraordinary masterpieces – each shofar lovingly made, and imbued with the famous Bar-Sheshet “secret” of shofar manufacture.

Shofarot Israel shofars are all manufactured in Israel according to the strictest kosher supervision, producing beautiful shofars with clear tones that differ according to the customs and needs of different communities (Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Yemenite, etc.) but are always exceptionally well-crafted.

Buy shofars from Shofarot Israel and you will be assured of workmanship of the very highest quality, combined with the personal attention that keeps our customers returning time after time.


Meir Bar-Sheshet polishes a ram’s horn shofar

Meir Bar-Sheshet polishes a ram’s horn shofar